2024 National Specialty Trophy Sponsors

You may dedicate your award “In Honor of” a person who is living, but no longer an active breeder or exhibitor. You may also dedicate your award “In Memory of” a special person or Toller who is deceased. There is no category for living dogs.  Please include your dedication in the Notes section of the Order Form.

The SHOP is open for purchasing Trophy Sponsorships.

NOHS BOBBrush, Spray Bottle, Tote$300 
Best of BreedCustom Show Lead and Chair$325 NSDTRC (USA)
Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)Custom Show Lead and Chair
$100 Forest Cove Tollers
BOS Joint SponsorCustom Show Lead and Chair
BOS Joint SponsorCustom Show Lead and Chair
Best of Winners (BOW)Custom Show Lead and Chair$100 Patty Helmig
BOW Joint SponsorCustom Show Lead and Chair$100Nicole Scott
BOW Joint SponsorCustom Show Lead and Chair$100
Winners Dog (WD)Wine Box + Charcuterie Board$90 Carrie Gerrish
WD Joint SponsorWine Box + Charcuterie Board$90Patty Helmig
WD Joint SponsorWine Box + Charcuterie Board$90
Winners Bitch (WB)Wine Box + Charcuterie Board$90 Carrie Gerrish
WB Joint SponsorWine Box + Charcuterie Board$90Jaena Michaels
WB Joint SponsorWine Box + Charcuterie Board$90
Reserve WDCut Board$240  
Reserve WBCut Board$240 
Best PuppyBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$240 
Best Bred By ExhibitorLazy Susan$240 
Best VeteranWine Box + Charcuterie Board$225 Fireball Tollers
BOS VeteranFrame$225
Best Hunting RetrieverCustom Field Lanyard & Duck Call$225 Shelly Meron
Best Working RetrieverCustom Field Lanyard & Duck Call$225Shelby Westmoreland
Select DogLazy Susan$200 
Select BitchLazy Susan$200 
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75 Barb Rohr
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75 
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75 
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75 
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75
JAMBrush, Spray Bottle, Bag$75
Best Stud DogChair$75 
Best Brood BitchChair$75 In honor of Bailey
CH JavaHill’s My Red Dream come true BN RN 
Generations/ Breeder ShowcaseChair$75Kathryn Wilson
Generations/ Breeder ShowcaseChair$75WyldeWater Tollers
Best BraceBrace Lead$75
4-6 Mo. Best PuppyBrush, Spray Bottle$50 Cindy Richardson
4-6 Mo. BOS PuppyBrush, Spray Bottle$50 Rachel Mark
CONFORMATION – First place in all classes    
6-9 DogWater Pail$50 
6-9 BitchWater Pail$50 
9-12 DogWater Pail$50 
9-12 BitchWater Pail$50 
12-18 DogWater Pail$50  
12-18 BitchWater Pail$50 
Novice DogWater Pail$50  
Novice BitchWater Pail$50  
Amateur/Owner Handler DogWater Pail$50 
Amateur/Owner Handler BitchWater Pail$50 
Bred By Puppy DogWater Pail$50 
Bred By Puppy BitchWater Pail$50 Ashley Tercero
Bred By DogWater Pail$50 Katie Shepherd
Bred By BitchWater Pail$50Barb Rohr 
Am Bred DogWater Pail$50  
Am Bred BitchWater Pail$50  
Open DogWater Pail$50 
Open BitchWater Pail$50 
Veteran Dog (7-9)Water Pail$50 
Veteran Dog (9-11)Water Pail$50 
Veteran Dog (11+)Water Pail$50
Veteran Bitch (7-9)Water Pail$50 Ashley Tercero
Veteran Bitch (9-11)Water Pail$50 
Veteran Bitch (11+)Water Pail$50
HR DogWater Pail$50 
HR BitchWater Pail$50 
WR DogWater Pail$50 
WR BitchWater Pail$50 
Best Junior HandlerBrush, Spray Bottle, Tote$150Redmoon Tollers and Fireball Tollers
High Score in TrialCustom Embroidered Chair$150 Brenda Montgomery
High CombinedCustom Embroidered Chair$150 Elaine Chae
High Combined Adv B/Excel BCustom Embroidered Chair$150In loving memory of Ruby, Donna & Jim Darling
High Triple Adv B/Excel B/MasterCustom Embroidered Chair$150  
High in Trial – Regular ClassesCustom Jump$150.00 In memory of Liberty, who loved the game!
High in Trial – Preferred ClassesCustom Jump$150.00 Patricia Rohde
High in Trial – Novice ClassesChair$100.00 Kimm Bonecutter
High in Trial – Open ClassesChair$100.00  
High in Trial – Excellent ClassesChair$100.00John & Linda Tarby
High in Trial – Master ClassesChair$100.00Jaena Michaels
HIT DetectiveWater Pail + Chair$150.00In memory of Blaze Scott-Fox
Novice A, Rising Star AwardWater Pail$50.00Kim Simons
HIT Novice BWater Pail$50.00Wes Smith
HIT AdvancedWater Pail$50.00Susan Lewis
HIT ExcellentWater Pail$50.00PATRICIA ROMEIRO
HIT MasterWater Pail$50.00Barb Rohr
Barn Hunt
HIT NoviceWater Pail$50.00Joanna Chiu
HIT OpenWater Pail$50.00Joanna Chiu
HIT SeniorWater Pail$50.00Joanna Chiu
HIT MasterWater Pail$50.00Joanna Chiu
HIT Crazy8Water Pail$50.00Joanna Chiu